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Chennel Dorneker

Chennel is our esteemed Nurse Practitioner, bringing a wealth of 18 years in the healthcare field to the Biohax team. Throughout her career, she has focused on continually improving her skills to provide unparalleled service. She holds certifications in Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers, further amplifying her expertise in aesthetic enhancements. Chennel’s extensive experience and qualifications are a testament to her commitment to offering comprehensive and advanced care to our clients

Her journey in aesthetics was driven by a profound desire to help individuals not only feel their best but also embrace their natural beauty. By seamlessly blending the realms of beauty and science, she aims to deliver transformative results that elevate one’s natural features. She is eagerly looking forward to guiding you on this journey in a safe and trustworthy environment, at Biohax Medspa

Chennel’s presence at Biohax Medspa marks a transformative moment for our spa and our clients. With over eight years of nursing experience and specialized training in advanced aesthetic treatments, she brings a deeply holistic approach to our services. As a certified expert in hormone therapy, neurotoxins, fillers, micro-needling, PRF, and laser treatments, her repertoire is as expansive as it is cutting-edge. But what truly sets Chennel apart is her philosophy of care; she believes in empowering each client through education, providing a comprehensive understanding of each treatment’s benefits and how they align with one’s wellness journey. Her goal is not just to administer treatments but to become a lifelong partner in each client’s quest for holistic health and beauty.

Trust in Chennel’s exceptional skills and compassionate approach to transform your aesthetic experience into a stepping stone toward comprehensive well-being.

Chennel Dorneker

Nurse Practitioner

phone: +(815) 534.5364
mail: [email protected]


Injections, Fillers, Micro-Needling, PRF, PRP, Laser Hair Removal, Hormone Therapy, Body Sculpting, IV Therapy



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