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Tahani Abuhamdeh

Tahani Abuhamdeh Lead Esthetician at Biohax Wellness and Aesthetics

Tahani Abuhamdeh is not just an esthetician; she’s a skincare aficionado who has transformed her passion into a fulfilling profession. Rooted in her early days experimenting with her mother’s skincare products, Tahani’s fervor for skin wellness propelled her to pursue a comprehensive education at the G Skin & Beauty Institute in Oak Brook, Illinois. Here, she cultivated a broad skillset encompassing everything from facials and waxing to body treatments and makeup applications.

At Lululux Beauty, Tahani became renowned for her consultative approach. Clients appreciated her genuine investment in their skincare journeys, as she provided expert advice, tailored treatments, and even after-care recommendations. With a keen eye for detail, she remained updated with the latest in skincare, ensuring every client received cutting-edge treatments backed by scientific research.

But Tahani’s experience extends beyond the world of esthetics. Her tenure at Kindercare highlighted her nurturing nature and commitment to creating a wholesome environment for development. Additionally, her association with CVS Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician has given her an in-depth understanding of health and wellness, a trait that will undoubtedly benefit the patrons of Biohax.

Joining the team at Biohax Wellness and Aesthetics, Tahani brings along a blend of technical prowess, customer-centric care, and a relentless drive to elevate skincare standards. Her philosophy aligns seamlessly with Biohax’s ethos of holistic wellness: beauty is more than skin deep, and the journey to achieving it is as crucial as the destination.

Whether you’re new to skincare or seeking advanced treatments, trust in Tahani’s expertise and passion to guide you on your wellness journey at Biohax

Tahani Abuhamdeh


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