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Deeana McGlynn

Meet Deeana McGlynn, MSN, RN—our experienced nurse practitioner who brings over 17 years of deep-rooted experience in healthcare to Biohax Medspa. With a specialty focus that spans Neuromodulators, Dermal Fillers, hormone therapy, micro needling, PRF, and laser treatments, Deeana seamlessly combines clinical excellence with aesthetic artistry. Her dedication to clients goes beyond skin-deep—she is fueled by a passion for unlocking everyone’s fullest potential in both beauty and confidence. Her holistic approach bridges the gap between medical science and aesthetic beauty, a perfect fit for our vision here at Biohax. As someone committed to the highest standards of care, Deeana looks forward to becoming a cornerstone of your personalized beauty and wellness journey.


Deeana doesn’t just treat; she transforms. At Biohax Medspa, her extensive experience in emergency healthcare serves as a bedrock for her impeccable safety standards and crisis management skills, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience for every client. But it’s her compassion and personalized approach that truly set her apart. She is deeply committed to client education, taking the time to discuss and demystify treatment options to create a shared vision for aesthetic and wellness goals. Her ultimate aim is to make every client feel like the best version of themselves, inside and out. Under Deeana’s nurturing care, you’ll not just meet but exceed your beauty and wellness aspirations, making her a pivotal part of the transformative journey that is Biohax Medspa

Deeana McGlynn

Registered Nurse/Injector

phone: +(815) 534.5364
mail: [email protected]


Injections, Fillers, Micro-Needling, PRF,  Hormone Therapy, Body Sculpting



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We believe in skin wellness, optimal health,& beauty inside and out. Feel good with science-based beauty.


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